A Carnall Hall Wedding at the University of Arkansas | Hunter & Stephanie

A Carnall Hall Wedding at the University of Arkansas | Hunter & Stephanie

Hunter stood with his back to the entrance of the Inn at Carnall Hall, music softly playing on his iPhone as he waited for his beautiful bride to walk down those steps behind him. When he felt her soft touch on his shoulder, he turned around and just couldn’t contain the joy he felt. Because when they were in each other’s arms, everything was just right in the world.

After a few moments together, Stephanie went back upstairs to prepare for the ceremony while Hunter greeted friends and family who had begun to arrive. And before they knew it, it was time for Stephanie to join hands with Hunter under a big, beautiful tree on the Old Main Lawn as they proclaimed their wedding vows to each other.

Hunter and Stephanie are two beautiful, laid-back souls who aren’t afraid to express their love for each other, and their day was truly a joy to be apart of. From the time they began getting ready to their relaxed reception, Hunter and Stephanie seemed to live unhurried and in the moment, truly soaking in the details of their day without worrying about them.

Hunter and Steph, I’ve just loved the two of you from our very first conversation. I can’t even express how wonderful it’s been to serve you during this season of life, and I hope these photographs always bring back the emotion, feeling, and reality of the first day of your marriage.

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Travels & Adventures | Alaska

Travels & Adventures | Alaska

Even though I woke up far too early, my body still confused by the jet lag and time difference, the sun was already shining. When I went to bed that night, the sun was still shining. In fact, during the entire week that I was in Alaska, I never saw nighttime darkness. I heard it existed for a few brief hours in the middle of the night, but I was never awake at quite the right time to witness it.

Although perpetual daytime was one of the most bizarre experiences of our time in Alaska, the entire experience was far more foreign than I was expecting. The mountains more beautiful than I was prepared for, and the expansive wildernesses with no civilization for miles and miles was overwhelming. I always tell people that we live in the middle of nowhere, but many of the Alaskan towns we visited made Arkadelphia look like a booming city, and while I expected there to be a lot of wilderness, it really is hard to wrap your head around how never-ending it is until you begin to drive through it.

Honestly, I could ramble on and on, but there really is no way to describe the things we saw during our week in Alaska. So, instead, here are just a few images from our time there… mostly taken with my iPhone. I realized as soon as we got to the airport that I left all of my memory cards at home, and we couldn’t find a new one that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced until one of our last days there. :) Regardless, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photographs from our time in the last frontier.








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A Timeless Downtown Engagement | Andrew & Tavikka

A Timeless Downtown Engagement | Andrew & Tavikka

Cool air wrapped around them as they walked through the garden, admiring the lights. Garvan Gardens is one of the prettiest places in Hot Springs during the holidays, and Andrew and Tavikka couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend their evening but together, admiring the beauty.

Eventually, Tavikka and Andrew stopped for a quick selfie to remember the evening by. They snapped the photo, and Tavikka quickly scanned it before deeming it unusable and asking Andrew to take another. She did this three times, never noticing that Andrew was holding something in the background… a beautiful ring that accompanied a question he was dying to ask.

In a few months, Tavikka and Andrew will be married in the same garden that Andrew proposed, and we couldn’t be more excited for their wedding! This week, Lucas and I met up with these two and wandering around Arkadelphia, getting to know each other a bit better. We grabbed coffee at one of my favorite places ever, then gave them the grand tour of downtown… which honestly isn’t very extensive at all.

Andrew and Tavikka, it was a pleasure to get to know you a bit better, and we’re so excited to share in this season of your life. We hope you’ll cherish these memories forever!


















Getting Settled & Kitten Snuggles | August Highlights & September Goals

Getting Settled & Kitten Snuggles | August Highlights & September Goals

August was simultaneously one of the least and most memorable months of 2014 to date.
Honestly, Luke and I didn’t have a whole lot going on this past month. We shot a couple of engagements and weddings, but overall, our calendars weren’t overflowing and we had lots of laid back afternoons where our only plans were to watch The Office and eat ice-cream.
Just being real.

However, two of the most life changing things of the year happened last month, which more than made up for our general unproductiveness. :)
Towards the beginning of the month, Lucas finished his CFI training and became an official flight instructor at Henderson. It was a long road, but he’s finally flying for a living and loving it! So while he’s been instructing for a few weeks now, he actually begin his first OFFICIAL day of flight slots and flying all day long today, and I couldn’t be more excited for and proud of him!

Also, over the past few months Lucas and I have developed a habit of visiting the humane society whenever we’re going through cat withdraws and just want to pet some furry babies for a while. So, at the beginning of the month, we went and absolutely fell. in. love. with a kitten there. She was about 8 weeks old at the time, tiny, and the sweetest little thing in all of kitten history. We brought her (and her momma!) home the next day, and have absolutely LOVED having two new additions to our little family! Josie is growing up SO quickly, and it’s been really fun having her around and watching her develop from a tiny little kitten to a slightly less tiny crazy kitty who is just getting to the age that she’s literally bouncing off the walls for most of the day. :)

It was fantastic to have a bit of a break from wedding season in August, but I’m honestly excited for it to pick back up this month! In September, I’m returning to my normal schedule of photographing weddings every weekend, and I’m excited to get back into my regular routine again! I’m hoping that this short little break will be exactly what I needed to be able to finish the year well, and I’m excited about what this fall holds! I’m officially transitioning my work to be a hybrid of digital and film photography, and I honestly can’t wait to see how that transition will evolve and grow both my business and work!

But until then…. here’s an overwhelming number of kitten photos. :)

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A Romantic Backyard Texarkana Wedding | Lance & Heather

A Romantic Backyard Texarkana Wedding | Lance & Heather

The air was filled with warm, beautiful light as the sun slowly sunk behind the horizon. Heather stood in front of a tall, single tree in the middle of her family’s field and looked into Lance’s eyes as she promised to be there for each him, for better or worse. Lance smiled as he made the same promise to her, and in that moment, nothing else seemed to matter.

Lance and Heather were married this past spring, and it was an honor to photograph this wedding with Kate Reynolds Photography. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!