A Winter Wedding at Garvan Gardens | Becky & Brent

A Winter Wedding at Garvan Gardens | Becky & Brent

As she looked into his eyes, the smile on her face was contagious. She thought back to her first semester of college at the University of Arkansas, and the young man she just happened to meet at a party. She thought about the semester they spent inseparable… and then all of the years they spent apart. And still smiling, she was thankful for the past because it brought her to this very moment. The moment where she would join hands with the man she loved and promise to be by his side, for better or worse.

Last Friday, Becky and Brent were married at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Snow still covered the ground from our most recent March storm, transforming the gardens into a picturesque winter setting. And while I’m sure two people getting married in March (in Arkansas!) didn’t ever expect to be married in the snow, it was. absolutely. perfect.

Becky and Brent, I absolutely could not be happier for you! Thank you for trusting me to document such a special event in your lives, and I wish you the absolute best in the years to come!

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Change is Coming

Change is Coming

Have you noticed all of the changes here lately?

Because they’ve been happening.
Not with fireworks, giveaways, and loud shouts of importance. But with slow, subtle, and silent grace.
Because I think the world needs less shouting and more doing. Less fanfare and more change.

So instead of talking about it for ages, I’m just… doing it. No fuss. No parties. No countdown.
Sure, it might be a missed marketing opportunity.
But I believe that beautiful things are right around the corner.
And beautiful things? They make the world a better place. They deserve to be shared.

Cody & Hailey’s Lakeside Luminary Proposal Photography

Cody & Hailey’s Lakeside Luminary Proposal Photography

Every day prior and every day to come was raining, snowing, cold, and windy… but not today.
Today was perfect.
Dry. Clear. Unseasonably warm for February.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous as they finished dinner and began to drive home from from their date in Hot Springs. Today marked the day they celebrated their anniversary of dating, and it has been a wonderful day. On the way home, Cody spontaneously suggested they stop by the lake to look at the stars… you know. Since the weather had cleared up so much. She agreed, not realizing until she saw vague lights in the distance that this wasn’t just a normal visit to the lake.
This was special.

And as they approached the beach, lights became more and more distinct. Dozens of luminaries were scattered along their path, lighting the way and reminding them of just a few of the wonderful adventures they had together over the past years. And in the midst of these lights, memories, and emotions, Cody asked Hailey to be his wife.

This story is wonderful and beautiful, but it’s extra wonderful and beautiful because it’s so dear to my heart. I’ve known both Hailey and Cody individually before they knew each other, and I’ve watched every step of their story unfold. From, “Hey, Cody, you should totally date Luke’s sister” to “I would never date Cody” “… okay, maybe I’d date Cody…” “I’d definitely date Cody; he’s the best.”
I’ve watched them meet, date, fall in love, and last weekend, I watched them promise forever to each other. It was definitely one of the most special things I’ve ever been privileged to witness; one of those moments you’re not sure you want to share with the world because it’s just so special and you want to keep it all to yourself.

Hailey, I’m so so so glad marrying Lucas made you my sister. And Cody, your friendship has meant so much to Luke and I over the years. Even if he would never tell you that himself and instead meets you at the door with firearms when want to talk about your growing feelings for Hailey. :)
Thank you both for allowing Luke and I to be there to witness this. Thank you for allowing us to capture a few of these moments and refuse to let them be forgotten.
We’re so, so, so incredibly happy and excited for you two.





Behind the Scenes in 2014

Behind the Scenes in 2014

Somehow, it’s mid-February and I’m just now getting around to pulling this blog post together. But late is better than never, and it’s been kind of fun looking through all of my 2014 weddings over the past few days. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve been over the past year, and getting super excited as I’m preparing for the 2015 wedding season to begin soon!!

So today is all about remembering what went in to documenting beautiful couples and extraordinary days. It’s a fun look back at this previous year, and just a glance at a few things that goes on behind the scenes.


So, first off, I just want to say that Lucas and I are SO BAD about taking behind the scenes photos. I’ve tried to make a point to get a few shots of us working, but we get really focused on the day and our couples that most of the time we just completely forget. There aren’t very many photographs in this post, but they’re all that we took. ALL YEAR LONG.
But one shot I ALWAYS get is Luke standing either where the first look or couple’s portraits are going to be. Just to be ensure that the light looks okay and we don’t waste any time.

In the photo above, Lucas is actually standing in the middle of a parking lot, and later we created one of my FAVORITE photos from the entire wedding season here. In a parking lot.

Because art is everywhere.





I’ve also attempted to incorporate more film photography into my weddings. There’s me with my (GIANT) Pentax medium format camera, and I absolutely LOVE that thing.
So. So. So. Much.

But it’s incredibly heavy and so it spends most of it’s life inside my bag. But one of my goals for this next year is to use it for a more significant portion of the wedding day, because the photos that it makes? Seriously magical.




This is the story of my life. If there’s tall grass, a bush, or a tree in the area… I’m probably in it.



Because our couples are so much more than clients.
They’re friends.


Oh hey, good lookin’.


This photo is a wonderful reminder of the importance of trusting your second photographer. Because my back was turned and I didn’t even see this photograph.

But Lucas did, and it ended up being one of my favorites from the entire day.




Can you find me amongst the sea of guests? :)



Over the past year, I was so. incredibly. blessed. to work with some of the most fantastic couples. Seriously. I don’t just say that because I have to or because it sounds good, but I truly believe it with everything within me. What we do would be nothing without each and every couple who trusted Lucas and I to document the thousand ordinary moments that made up their extraordinary wedding days.
And that means the world to me.

The Great Arkadelphia Ice Storm of 2015… Except…

The Great Arkadelphia Ice Storm of 2015… Except…

As I sit here, cross-legged at my desk with a cup of tea warming my hands, I can’t help but smile.

Saturday was an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day – 70 degrees, sunshine, with a slight wind. Lucas and I spent the entire afternoon just being outside – walking on trails, going on adventures, and grilling out front.

And today, we woke up to a layer of ice covering absolutely everything. Our town is so woefully unequipped to handle any sort of weather that our electricity decided it was just all too much and gave up. So here I sit, typing this in the dark, and laughing inside about how silly Arkansas weather is and how blessed I am to be in a position to just enjoy whatever it happens to throw at us.

Even if that means it’s 70 degrees one day and 30 the next.

Since today was the first day we’ve had even remotely winter-like weather all year, naturally we had to go explore. Mostly to go to the store and get groceries for dinner (and 15 loaves of bread because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WE MAY BE STUCK FOR DAYS #southernsnowpanic #justkidding), but also just because it hardly gets below freezing and who knows if it will do it again this year?

So here’s to random adventures with your spouse.
To living in the moment and enjoying what it brings you.
To remembering that life is short and each moment is sacred.
To finding beauty and art in the smallest thing – from a ice hanging off a bent branch to the colors of a cold day.

Happy Monday, friends.
arkansas-winter-scenery-002 arkansas-winter-scenery-001 arkansas-winter-scenery-004 arkansas-winter-scenery-003 arkansas-winter-scenery-005 arkansas-winter-scenery-006 arkansas-winter-scenery-008 arkansas-winter-scenery-010 arkansas-winter-scenery-009